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Our Services and Prices

Trash Cleaning

As trashcan cleaning is often overlooked in home cleanliness, we offer an high quality subscription for deep trashcan cleanings every other trash day. And after cleaning, trashcans will be returned to your desired area. Subscriptions start at $75/month and decreases in $5 increments to as low as $30/month as neighbors join the subscription!

Driveway PowerWash

Wave goodbye to grime! Pairing our pressure washers with our deep clean solution will expel the stubborn grime your driveways and sidewalks. To ensure a fair price, we offer free estimates! With HighFlow, a picture-perfect entrance is just a wash away.

Residential SoftWash

Elevate your curb appeal!  HighFlow's house brick and siding SoftWash breathes new life around your home. Each home is different and we offer free estimates to ensure a fair price for our clients. Your neighbors will be green with envy!

Other PowerWash Services

Get decked out with HighFlow! Our services extend to a variety of other jobs. Pressure washing patios, porches, fences, and decks are the secret to an enviable backyard oasis. Because every job is different, we offer free estimates to ensure fair pricing. Revel in the cleanliness, bask in the compliments!

Trash Can Cleaning

HighFlow offers the unique service of trash can cleaning. The amount of bacteria build up in trash cans is often overlooked. It can not only lead to foul odors, but also attract vermin and put your health at risk. Those who take out the trash are exposed to this type of bacteria weekly, so keep yourself and those you care about clean and healthy by avoiding residual buildup. We offer an affordable price unlike many large brand companies, charging $25 for the initial can cleaning and only $5 for additional cans. Our cleaning process involves a combination of pressure washing and hard scrubbing with bleach to remove stubborn stains and bacteria that has imbedded itself into the plastic.



Driveway Cleaning

HighFlow offers driveway pressure washing that goes beyond aesthetics. The buildup of grime, mold, and algae on driveways is not just unsightly; it can potentially become a slip hazard and can accelerate surface wear. Moreover, as you walk on your driveway, bacteria is carried into your garages, cars, and homes. Our meticulous driveway cleaning process involves a combination of pressure washing and cleaning mix that penetrates first eats away the stubborn organic material that can't be cleaned away easily then powering the grime and filth away to restore the driveway to its original luster. Compared to large companies, our services provide very similar quality at just a fraction of the price. During our free estimate inspections, driveway cleans average to around $100, and we offer 50% off when subscribed to our trash can cleaning. Our thorough service not only enhances your property’s curb appeal but also creates a safer and more hygienic environment for you and your loved ones.

Residential SoftWash

HighFlow brings to you the quintessential house siding softwash service. Over time, house sidings accumulate dirt, algae, and mildew, detracting from your home's beauty and potentially causing structural damage. Our softwash cleaning method ensures gentle yet effective removal of contaminants without harming the siding material. Using a perfect blend of cleaning solutions and low-pressure washing, HighFlow’s service not only rejuvenates your siding but also safeguards its longevity. Trust us to protect and beautify your sanctuary.



Other Cleaning Services

HighFlow is also your go-to for comprehensive outdoor cleaning including porches, fences, patios, and more. We cater to our client's needs and don't mind extending our services for these jobs. These areas are your personal oasis but due to outdoor elements, they take a toll often leading to wear and weathering. Our specialized cleaning services involve pressure washing and customized treatments that breathe life back into these spaces. Whether it’s a family gathering on the patio or a serene morning on the porch, HighFlow ensures your outdoor spaces are inviting and pristine. Many jobs are different so we also provide free estimates for these jobs. Elevate your outdoor living with our exceptional cleaning services!

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